Senior Care Combo (Monthly Subscription Plan)

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Directions for Use:

As dietary supplement (oral use) only. Give once or twice daily. For optimal results, feed according to the weight chart below.

For cats and dogs:

Body Weight Below 5 kg 5 kg – 10 kg Above 10 kg
No. of Tablet 0.5 tablet each 1 tablet each 2 tablets each

Storage Method:

Store in a dry and cool place. Always keep bottle tightened after use.


30 tablets / bottle

Shelf Life:

2 years


Featuring our Senior Care Combo – MoriLiv and MoriKid, this supplement combo is suitable for senior dogs and cats aged 7 years old and above for liver and renal health maintenance. 

💗For Monthly Subscription
✅You’ll be saving 15% of the original price!
✅We will ship your supply of MoriLiv and MoriKid to you every month!
✅ Subscribers enjoy unlimited access of Vetachat service throughout the subscription period.
✅A minimum of 3-month subscription is mandatory to enjoy the perks and benefits as a subscriber.
✅ Do note that your Debit/Credit Card will be deducted monthly by the automated system, once you have made the first initial payment. 


MORILIV – Liver Protectant

With Silymarin (milk thistle) as the main active ingredient, this pet supplement strengthens the liver function of cats and dogs, especially pets that are under processing medication, post-operative, and following accidents. It also contains Astragalus root and licorice which is widely used in traditional chinese medicine as anti-inflammatory remedy.

🌿Active Ingredients
Silymarin (milk thistle), Astagalus root, Moringa oleifera, licorice, yeast hydrolysate (GSH), vitamin E and C, zinc methionine chelate, Enterococcus faecium.

Suitable for 🐶🐱
✅Dogs and cats that needed nutritional supplement for liver protection
✅ Maintaining normal metabolism, assisting liver cell repair and restoring liver functions
✅ Helping the body in clearing free radicals, removing toxins and reducing lipid oxidation effect

🌿Product Benefits
💛Maintaining normal liver metabolism
💛Assisting liver cells repair and restoring liver function
💛Supporting liver function in processing medication
💛Assisting in liver detoxification and clearing free radicals in the body


MORIKID – Kidney Support

Owners who worry about their pets’ kidney condition can go for this supplement whereby it improves renal health by supporting the kidney function in the cases of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and acute kidney injuries (AKI). The main ingredient chitosan is commonly used in treating the complications of kidney failures including high cholesterol, anaemia and loss of appetite. MoriKid also contains glutathione, microalgae and various amino acids.

🌿Active Ingredients
Chitosan, glutathione, microalgae and various amino acids.

🌿Suitable for 🐱🐶
✅Dogs and cats that needed nutritional supplement for kidney health
✅ Enhance the ability to reduce inflammatory response and help to promote renal tissue repair
✅ Maintain normal function of kidneys, assisting the body to remove free radicals and toxins

🌿Product Benefits
💛Maintaining normal kidney functions
💛Strengthening immunity and reducing inflammatory responses
💛Aiding in the repair of kidney cells and clearance of free radicals
💛Aiding in decreasing the toxin level

🌿Effective, easy-to-use, affordable!
💯 Meat flavoured tablets, favourited by even picky eaters like poodles🐩
💯 Nutritional superfood to improve general well-being 🍎
💯 As a treat reward to your pets 🍗



💗 每月订户超值配套
✅ 您将享有15%折扣!
我们将于每一个🈷️邮寄MoriLiv及MoriKid 到您家!
✅ 每月订户将获得免费无限次的Vetachat服务。
✅ 订户必须订阅至少3个月或以上才可享受这些优惠。
✅ 当您决定签下此配套以及付款(第一个月)后,系统将自动每个月陆续扣除之后的款项。





🐶🐱 适合狗猫
✅ 维持机体正常新陈代谢,辅助肝细胞修复、恢复肝脏功能
✅ 帮助机体清楚自由基、减少毒性、减轻脂质氧化反应
✅ 改善因营养缺乏引起的厌食、提高食欲、改善健康

💛 维持肝脏健康
💛 有助肝细胞修复、恢复肝脏功能
💛 有助药物代谢
💛 有助清除毒素、肝脏自由基



担心宠物肾脏状况的主人可以选择这种保健品,它可以在慢性肾脏疾病 (CKD) 和急性肾损伤 (AKI) 的情况下通过支持肾脏功能来改善肾脏健康。 主要成分壳聚糖常用于治疗肾功能衰竭的并发症,包括高胆固醇、贫血和食欲不振。 MoriKid还含有谷胱甘肽、微藻和多种氨基酸。

🌿 主要成分

🐱🐶 适合狗猫
✅ 肾脏保护营养剂
✅ 减缓炎性反应程度、帮助促进肾组织修复
✅ 维持肾脏功能、帮助机体清楚自由基、减少毒素 

💛 维持健康肾脏功能
💛 增强免疫力、减缓炎性反应程度
💛 帮助促进肾组织修复、帮助机体清楚自由基
💛 帮助清除毒素 

🌿 有效、简单、价廉优美!
💯 天然肉味,挑食贵宾狗也爱吃 🐩
💯 天然营养成分维持狗猫健康 🍎
💯 可以当作零食奖赏狗猫 🍗


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