How to Bring Up A Healthy Pet?

Continuing with the previous article “Am I Ready To Get A Pet” where we provide different perspectives of having a pet before you really own one, we are now going a step forward!

What do you think is required to bring up a healthy pet, ensuring the pet wellness is being taken care of?

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Taking care of a pet is a long term game. It is not like it can learn to be independent in one night. Even so, some pets may not learn the skills that you want them to such as, walking without a leash, swallowing medicine or pet supplement without struggle, defecating at the toilet and so on. Well, pets are just like humans, they too have emotions and may throw tantrum when things don’t get in their way.

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Therefore, patience is a key component for pet owners to get through the growth. Just like how parents treat their kids with patience, even when we have grown up, we may face challenges that need their help and consultation from parents. They are still equally patient as before and there’s how a bond is built.

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Without knowledge, it is like driving a car without proper training and learning about the rules and techniques. You may get lucky at some time but there are high chances for accident to occur. Thus, it applies to pet ownership too. We need to understand the ins and outs of a pet. It can be a slow process but commitment to learn is a must.

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In this modern era, everything is at your finger tips. Hence, it is really convenient to learn up the knowledge. You may have concerns whether the information is trustable; in this case, you may always consult a veterinarian or educate yourself from trusted websites that share about pet’s care and pet wellness. Being open but wise in selecting latest technologies, health and living products for pets; as the pet market has been improving tremendously. This is to ensure that you have a peace of mind when searching for solution for your pet and this will definitely improve the quality of life of your pets, of course, yours too.

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In all relationship, “being there” is what matters. With that being said, this will require time commitment to be there and both mentally and physically. If one does not ready to pay the cost, then it is unlikely for the pet ownership to turn up well. Therefore, it is always good to think twice before getting a pet. Anyone will not feel good when the time comes that it may be too overwhelming to take in a pet.

Let’s just try spacing out half an hour for a pet in the beginning, if your daily schedule is too packed. If 30 minutes couldn’t be arranged, at least provide 15 minutes for pet. As long as one is willing to start with a small step, then it is a good start. In addition, there are a lot of available “pet sitters” in the market who may feed, accompany, groom, provide training and day care. Just like raising up a child, if the parents couldn’t manage then they might have to source for a nanny or teacher to accompany the child. At least, time is what we could and we should provide for them as part of pet owner’s responsibilities.

Finally, we come to the ultimate of all, LOVE. Love could be very subjective to many, some may think that as long as the pet is fed, then it is love. Some may think that only when the pet is treated equally as a family member then it is love. Frankly, there is no right and wrong or a clear demarcation in between.

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Yet, we promote love towards life by appreciating them. Pets always demand for our attention and we should take it as sharing your love to them. The well-being of the pets and owners lies between the unique chemistry of both sides; as dogs and cats, they are sentimental and emotional too, they feel what we feel and give. Just like how parents have unconditional love to their children; we view it in treating pets as well. To bring up a healthy pet, tender, loving, care are the most essential factors in nurturing them.

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Last but not least, in reality there might be times that we need to give up things as the time might be bad for us. Thus, if there comes a time like that and one have to let go of the pet (hopefully this is the last resort out of no choice), as a responsible owner, please find them a new responsible owner who may afford to keep them or send them to a well-managed animal shelter. Never abandon your pet in the public space.

Animals, they feel too.

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