Am I Ready To Get A Pet?

Do you ever have the feeling of “Owhhh, this cat is so cute, let’s have one?” or “Awww, look at this puppy, gotta have one!”. We are sure such emotional moments when you scroll through social media will arise and you will desire to have a pet of your own.

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Well, the next question would be: are you ready to own a pet?

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We may think that owning a pet is as easy as giving them a place to stay, something to eat and play with them whenever available. Yet, when we go deeper into actual pet ownership, it is much more than that and the more importantly it is about understanding, appreciation and unconditional love. In this article, we would like to share some perspectives of you might have to think about before owning a pet.

What Is A Pet To You?

This is a crucial question that you need to think about seriously, just like how you would choose your wife or husband carefully. It is not just a temporary commitment as when the love and trust builds up between owner and pet, the pet will be very dependent on you.

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Imagine that one day, someone decided to abandon his or her pet, how helpless would the pet feel?

A pet can be a friend, a therapist and a guardian. As a friend, a pet accompanies you, play with you and create moments in your life. As a therapist, a pet gives you a place where you can relieve your stress by cuddling them, enjoy watching their cute facial expressions, gummies-like paws, loaf-of-bread-like butts or their funny behaviors. As a guardian, a pet can be very protective when danger falls upon the owner and it is willing to stand at the front end of every situation regardless of its body size.

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All of these characteristics (especially for dogs), are really something that we as a owner would feel deep in our hearts. So think again, do you want a friend, a therapist, a guardian in your life? If yes, then how much would you commit and nurture the relationship?

Considered Taking Care A Plant Before A Pet?

As a starter, why not start with a plant? If you could passionately enjoy taking care of a pot of plant and let it grow into a matured plant, then this signifies that you are mentally ready for a pet. A plant can play the same role as a pet plant but may not able to provide the role as a guardian to you. It may not give you an instant interaction, but when it is taking with good care, it will grow into a beautiful piece of art. This is how pets will respond to your love too.

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Are You Up For The Challenge?

So what is the big deal of getting a pet? Well, let us be frank to you. It is actually not hard when you are viewing it in days. Owning a pet is a lifetime commitment, it lasts for how long your pet lives. For example, a puppy that you had adopted, the commitment may range from 10 years to 20 years which depends on the breed, health condition and environment. Let say your pet would live for 20 years, are you committed to give unconditional love to your pet daily?

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In most cases, we actually overestimate ourselves as we can see there are cases of pets being abandoned and turned into strays. This is due to the fact that when we keep repeating the same routine of taking care of the pet for years, there may be tendency that you will feel tired and want to give up at some point.

In the Internet, we often see news about strays and how cruel it can be; when cute little kittens were thrown in the sewerage, when pedigree large breed dogs were abandoned and got lost in the highways. Without rescue and proper care, they could have died. Then, we see a crowd that criticize such acts and pointing fingers on this irresponsible owners. Yet, being at the just side for now, doesn’t mean that one can fall into the “dark side” in the future.

That is the reason Vetamind always emphasizes on adopting and says no to buying. There are just so many small animals out there, waiting for people to love and care. Before you decided to get a pet of yours and bringing them back to home, think again and be mentally ready on what you will be facing as a pet owner.

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Along the way, you may face a lot of challenges and it gets tougher when you have to deal with multiple things in your life like work, family, children and etc. Yet, worry not, there is always a solution and Vetamind position ourselves to provide the best solution to pet owners getting through all these hurdles, ensuring both pet wellness and your well-being are taken care of.

In our next article, we would like to share: “What It Takes To Bring Up A Healthy Pet? Vetamind’s goal is to share knowledge and tips on how to create well-being of pets and promote a healthy, quality lifestyle of owners and pets.

Stay tuned!

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels