The Vetamind

Brand Story

Vetamind. Think like a vet’s mind.

Founded and created by qualified veterinarians, who envision to establish an educational platform for the pet owners at the same time providing great quality pet care supplies and health products which ultimately heighten the pet well being.

Vetamind. More than just vitamins.

“Vet-ta-mind” brings out the concept of “a vet’s mind”, simultaneously sounds like the most common supplement of all, the vitamins. Vetamind, it can be interpreted as encouraging pet owners to think like a vet’s mind; giving the pets not just only vitamins, but way more than that!

At Vetamind, we strive to provide a trustworthy veterinarian-approved online pet wellness product platform and consultation service. It’s where the pet owners understand and make wise choices of what are they feeding and providing to their pets.

Our products and service are and always will be aligned with the ultimate goal of Vetamind: Promoting and improving the pets and their owners’ lifestyle!