8 Things To Do With Your Pets: While You’re Trapped at Home

Malaysia’s nationwide Movement Restriction Order has been imposed and it will be enforced from 18th to 31st of March to contain the outbreak of Covid-19.

So, it is the second day of working from home, have you spent more time with your pets as compared to the usual working days? Did you realise that your fur-babies are unusually excited to see you working from home these two days?

We compile a list of things to do with your pets when you are trapped at home! You will discover a whole new series of experiences with your pets and you will appreciate that you are home for quarantine!

Most people believe the idea of “21 days to form a habit” and it can be quite effective for your pets too. Bring your dogs to the nearest grassy area in your neighbourhood in the morning and night as their daily routine, this is especially useful to train them not to pee and poo everywhere inside the house. If going out is not an ideal option for you, you may prepare urination pads for them every day and educate where they should be doing their daily rituals. It might need a lot of patience and observation, especially to make it a habit for them; do not ever give up, as you are having more than 10 days to train and let them stay with the habit practice!

However, we suggest you to ONLY bring your dog stroll around your house compound, nowhere further than that!

Remember to wear a mask (yourself) and clean your pet’s paws with sanitiser or bath for them after the walk.

We have been busy working away from homes, the hectic working schedules have become part of our life and it affects the pet’s life too. Our pets are always there for us when we need to accompany, yet when they need us, we are always not there.

There are many perks of working from home, this is when we are able to observe them more, understanding their daily routines such as feeding, playing with other pets if there’s any, sleeping and so on. There is when you will realise, who is the biggest eater among the flock of puppies, who is the sleepy heads when no one is home, or who is the biggest bully while playing!

While observing your pets, you might find out that your pet’s nails is growing too long and need trimming, or the fur around the eyes has been irritating the eyes and making the eyes teary and uncomfortable; it is time to clean and trim whatever is needed! Your pets will appreciate that very very much!

While you are home, you started to find out many interesting moments that you have missed out. It is time to compile all of these cute and funny moments in a pet journal, be it a pet’s blog or a physical diary to jot down their amusing reactions and behaviours for forever memories!

You may also attach polaroid photos in your diary, or collect a series of photos to decorate your home!

It is time to show off your cooking talent to your fur-babies! Do some research online and look for delicious DIY recipes for pet treats.

Fruits like apples, cranberries, bananas, blueberries are good for your pets, but do take note to NOT give your pets any grapes or raisin as it may cause toxicity!

Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/pets/g23026561/homemade-dog-treats/

Food dehydrator is a secret weapon of all the pet owners to prepare air-dried treats for their furbabies! Fishes like salmon and the salmon skin are great air-dried treats for your cats and dogs. With the freshness and aroma of the treats, we guarantee your furbabies will love it and want for more!

Source: Jeanette’s Healthy Living

You might want to refer to this informative website below on how to start preparing pet treats! In yourdogadvisor.com, the author even stated what ingredients to use in making treats and what to avoid!


If you are a busy pet-mom or pet-dad, you should try out their “one-ingredient treat ideas”!

As a pet parent, we definitely have the responsibility to understand them better, in terms of their wellness and how to maintain their wellness. It is time to research and do more surveys on pet supplies, pet food and health products available in the market, to learn what is best for our furbabies.

We have some recommended websites where pet owners may continuously learn on how to be a better pet parent! All of the websites listed have their information prepared and endorsed by certified veterinarians, they are trustable sources for our pets’ life-long education, just like what Vetamind is and envisions to always be!

a) vetstreet.com

b) https://www.petmd.com/

c) https://veterinarypartner.vin.com/

d) https://partnersah.vet.cornell.edu/

e) vetamind.com

Is your pet irresistibly cute and adorable? Or does your pet has interesting stories and actions that you think pet lovers would love to watch? Take videos of your pets and upload it to your pet’s Youtube channel, who knows your pet would be one of the cutest corgis to getting the most followers and subscriptions on social media platforms?

Source: Nala The Cat @nala_cat

Nala The Cat is a former shelter cat with one of the biggest followings on Instagram.

Adopt, don’t shop!

This Scottish Fold cat Maru is from Japan, who loves boxes, and guess what it has accumulated more than 289m views on his channel with almost 500k of followers!

Who knows your pets might be the next top pet account with the most subscribers one day! Continue to do it for at least 14 days to keep up this habit!

Prepare for emergencies while it is not. Here we provide you with a checklist of what you would need during emergencies.

Checklist of a Pet First Aid Kit:
– Absorbent gauze pads

– Adhesive tape

– Cotton balls or swabs

– Ice pack

– Disposable gloves

– Scissors with a blunt end

– Tweezers

– Over-the-counter antibiotic ointment

– Oral syringe (for oral liquid medication)

– Liquid dishwashing detergent (for bathing)

– Towels

– Small flashlight

– Alcohol wipes

– Styptic powder

– Saline eye solution

Not to forget:
– Muzzle (Animal tends to bite when they are stressed out)

– E-collar (Avoid pet to lick or bite on the wounds or injuries)

– Digital thermometer

Last but not least, make a list of phone number, clinic name, address of your veterinarian as well as local veterinary emergency clinics; this information would be needed when your pet is in an emergency or you might be trapped somewhere when the accident happened and you could provide these details to your family members, neighbours or friends who lived nearby to come into rescue. You might want to provide your home spare keys to trusted neighbour or friend for just in case they need to rescue your pets when you are not around.

Ensure your pet first aid kit is checked every few months to make sure nothing has expired or needs to be replaced. And of course, keep your kit out of the reach of children.

Pet toys in the market can be quite costly and overpriced sometimes. What you need are some simple materials, could be something recycled from your old clothes, pillows or plushies.

Source: https://www.onecrazyhouse.com/easy-diy-cat-toys/

There are plenty of do-it-yourself videos, which you could find online. For instance, Pinterest provides tonnes of creative ideas and creations for pets to play and cuddle with. Searching in Youtube itself, you may explore how to make a pet toy with a step by step videos, especially suitable for DIY beginners!

Here’s an example of the DIY video from Youtube.

That’s all about the sharing for 8 things to do with your pets when you are trapped at home due to the current restriction movement order / partial lockdown.

We hope that you love the ideas and enjoy your time at home with your pets!

Stay in, stay calm, stay safe everyone; and stay tuned to our website vetamind.com!

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